Our process

How It Works

Original Image
Stage 1 – Purchase & Requirements gathering

Once you have bought one of our packages we will send you our quick questionnaire. You give us information about the project including what materials and room setting style you would like. You also give us a photo or drawing of your product. 


Stage 2 – First Draft

We give you a low resolution first draft of the image. At this stage, the colours and furniture won’t be fully rendered. This allows you to tell us what changes (if any) you would like and we modify it for you.

Step 2 - First Draft
Step 3 - Second Draft
Stage 3 – Second Draft

We send you a low resolution image with colours, furniture and home decor items included. You can make final suggestions at this point.

In this draft, we included picture frames and trinkets on the fireplace. However we decided it cluttered the design and removed them for the final design.

Step 4 - Final Image
Stage 4 – Final Delivery

We send your final image to you within two weeks of the project start date. 

In the final image we darkened the wall to create a better contrast for the limestone.